It Is Just Not Enough to Be the Change

We all want the world to change. While our lives may be running relatively smooth as compared to our neighbour, the world around us is spinning out of control. We feel powerless in our attempts to change the world, even if we have successfully changed ourselves to be a better person.

Why is nobody noticing?

They are.

And they are trying to change too.

You are not listening. You are not watching. You are not celebrating.

A year and a half ago I was afforded a tremendous opportunity to be a trainer at a local fitness centre and I took it. While I do get paid to motivate classes and help others achieve their fitness goals, I saw it as a different opportunity above a paycheck: to help move the needle.

In my world, I see a younger generation who may have shorter lifespans than the one before it. Sedentary lifestyles and the overconsumption of “plastic” foods are leading many young people to become over-weight before they reach middle school. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the leading causes of premature deaths, and most of these cases are preventable, very preventable.

In my world, I also see so many people with some form of mental illness. Early onset dementia, elevated levels of anxiety and depression, not to mention the hyperactive disorders and unwarranted stress. So many bright and young brains are breaking down at alarming rates.


Yes, my world is spinning out of control.

To change my life, I have adopted a healthier lifestyle in recent years as I have gravitated towards fitness as my way of fixing and maintaining my health. It didn’t take me long to prioritize healthy eating to supplement my fitness and ultimately my overall health. While I was working hard on taking better care of myself, why wasn’t the rest of the world taking notice? Why was nobody else jumping on this lifestyle bandwagon to a long and healthy life? Was I the crazy one?


I was the ignorant one.

With my trainer role at 3rd Degree Training, I get to celebrate those who are trying. Trying to better their health and be better people one class at a time. I get front row seats to witnessing people grow strong and bright! What better job could I possibly have?


One of the greatest life lessons that I have learned is that if we want to see more change in our world, it is not just enough to be that change. While the world may take notice of our individual progress, people will not act until we are willing to celebrate our change together.

What do you want to see more of?



Thomas J. Peters – is an American writer on business management practices, best known for In Search of Excellence (co-authored with Robert H. Waterman Jr).